Why Shred?

Every household or business gathers confidential information.  If that information is not secure, the results could be devastating.  Customer lists, confidential client information, credit card and sales receipts, personnel and payroll records all need to be kept secure.  Taking proper steps and protocols to make sure this information is protected is not only every business owners responsibility, it is a legal obligation.

At National Archives, Inc. we specialize in secure shredding and confidential destruction of your documents.

Our Off-Site Document Shredding Service on Long Island NY provides a less expensive alternative to on-site but, with the same high degree of document security. National Archives, Inc. will pick-up your paper documents and destroy them at our secure shredding facility located in Garden City NY on Long Island. Our paper shredding service remains strictly confidential and is handled by fully insured employees. A certificate of destruction is issued after your material is destroyed and the shredded paper recycled. Bulk shredding service using high speed, high capacity shredders enable us to shred at a lower cost than is possible with a mobile shredder or on-site shredder. The savings in our costs results in a lower price to our customer for shredding documents.

Secure Shredding Bin & Console Rotation Service

Sure, we’ll pickup anything in a box, but we recommend you get set up with our weekly or monthly shredding console service (click here for more info). Our consoles stand approx 36″ tall and blend in with office attire to create a clean and secure working environment. They come keyed and locked for security purposes.  Besides the shredding consoles we have shredding bins on wheels that come in a variety of sizes to suite your document shredding requirements.

The Document Shredding Process and Pricing, How it works:

  1. We deliver secure shredding bins and/or shredding consoles to your location.
  2. Instead of throwing paper in the garbage, you fill the bins and/or consoles with materials to be shredded.
  3. Call us and we’ll come empty your bins / consoles and schedule regular maintenance.
  4. All paper material contained within the bins / consoles is securely shredded.
  5. We issue you a certificate of destruction for the material shredded.
  6. All shredded paper is recycled.


Purge Services

Planning a major clean-out of stored boxes or documents?  National Archives will deliver large shredding bins to your location so you can easily sort and prepare your records for shredding at your convenience.  Fill up the bins with paper and then call us to schedule the pickup your full shredding bins.

Recurring Shredding Service

Based on the individual office or workplace, National Archives will work with you to set up a shredding schedule that works best for you.  We will come on the set day or time of month you choose to empty your console and keep your shredding needs stress free!

Drop-Off Services

Our Garden City storage facility is always available for you to drop-off any amount of shredding during regular scheduled drop-off hours 8:30-3:30pm Monday-Friday.


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