Here you’ll find a collection of questions and answers to help you with your file storage or document management, and document retention decisions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us and our document management professionals will help you find an efficient document storage solution.

”I have a self-storage room, Will off-site document management be more affordable?”

You only pay for the actual space that your boxes occupy. Our space is almost always less expensive than that of a self-storage room, or basement storage room. We move all the containers for you, and retrieve any files or boxes for you. We track all the files moving in and out of storage on an ongoing basis so that we know what files are in storage. Just think of how many hours of time we can save you.

”How quickly can I have information delivered to my office when it is needed?”

When you call our office before 10:00 A.M., your documents will be delivered the same day; however, if you have an immediate need for documents, we can deliver them within a two-hour period. In emergency situations, we are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

”If I only need one or two files, do I have to ask for the entire box?”

Absolutely not! We use a barcode system for files, as well as boxes. Give us the barcode number of your box, or the name of the file, and we will locate your file just as easily as we can locate your cartons.

”May I pick up a box or file from storage?”

Of course. Save yourself a delivery charge. Our record center is conveniently located a few blocks south of Roosevelt Field Shopping Center in central Nassau County. Call ahead and we will have the file or box waiting for you when you arrive.

”Am I in need of off-site document management?”

Few companies can spare enough office space to store all the documents they require. National Archives provides additional room to store your documents, affordable storage fees, fast easy access, and peace of mind that your files are in a confidential and secure environment. Our automated method of storing files will free up your employees time to be more productive.

”May I visit your document management facility in Garden City New York to do some filing in boxes already in storage?”

Yes of course! Call us prior to showing up at our record center and we’ll have the boxes ready for you, or simply send the files to us and our staff will file them for you. We offer a private viewing room for you to work in if you choose to come here. Our staff is readily available to assist you in any way we can.

”How do I request files from storage?”

Phone – Call National Archives, Inc. at 516-794-0021 to make your file retrieval request! Fax – Simply fax your request to 516-794-1072. E-Mail – Set up your file storage, file retrieval, or file delivery through email. Web – Order files from storage or boxes via the web. To set-up your account for web orders please contact us. Our record center guarantees fast, accurate, and extremely personalized service. Note: The proximity of your business from our record center will determine delivery times. We cater most to businesses on Long Island, NY. For info on National Archives, Inc. operating hours and delivery times please click here.

”How secure are my files in storage?”

You have the ability to set up a password for access to your account. You may also provide us with a listing of authorized personnel from your company. Only an individual from that authorized list may access information and files/boxes from our storage facility. At National Archives, Inc. we guarantee confidentiality. We emphasize the importance of secure document storage retrieval to all our clients and our staff.

”How are my boxes identified in your record center?”

Each container entering our record management center is assigned a unique barcode sticker. This sticker keeps track of all information relative to the box it represents in storage. Each container is scanned to a location in our record management center. All this information is communicated to our computers via handheld portable barcode scanners. Once this information is retrieved, our system tells us new containers have been added and we can assign the box all necessary information. The capability of our document management software gives National Archives, Inc. the power to locate boxes/files efficiently and without error. We can index each file in your box and query our database by that same indexed text to locate a file in storage. Perhaps you’ve been keeping track of your containers with a box number; not a problem! Our software allows the barcode stickers to link to alternate container numbers, so we can adapt to your system. The barcode will also contain information such as when the box was last accessed, what was pulled from it, who requested the box or files from the box, when they were returned, how many times the box was accessed, the date the box first came into our record management center, a destruction date for the container to be destroyed; the list goes on!

”What sets National Archives apart from other document management facilities?”

At National Archives we’re committed to exceeding all expectations of our clients. We are not focused on being the largest storage company, but the best. We do not subscribe to the theory that bigger is better. We pay careful attention to bringing our clients a personalized service that is superior to any other document management company. In fact many of our clients have chosen us because that is the way we conduct our operation. We’ve become well acquainted with our clients that we can identify most of them by the sound of their voice! We hope you will choose National Archives, Inc. for all your document storage solutions!

”Will all of my documents be stored in a room or area?”

No, your documents are not stored in a one area. At National Archives located in Garden City NY you can store an unlimited number of boxes without feeling like you’re running out of space. Unlike self-storage or public storage facilities as your business expands, so does your shelf space in our record center. Our monthly storage costs are generally 50% less then self-storage rooms because you pay only for the amount of cubic feet your document storage boxes occupy. Access to your storage boxes at our record center is restricted to our fully trained staff, so your documents are always secure. This also means no more digging through that file room; you call us and we’ll do the work for you!

”Will you pick up our documents and boxes?”

Yes, we do pick up boxes and/or files, and we deliver. We try our best to cater to each of our clients on the same day they call because of our central location in Nassau County New York. We recommend calling us a ahead of time at 516-794-0021 if you are requesting a large pickup. Our drivers are equipped with handheld scanners. On a typical pickup, each container is labeled with a unique barcode sticker and scanned. You will get a print out of exactly how many items (containers or files) were picked up on that particular day. You may also include documents or containers for certified destruction/shredding on a pickup.

”How much do you charge for storage space?”

If your business currently occupies an off-site storage room you’re paying 50% more than you have to! At National Archives you pay only for the amount of cubic feet your storage boxes occupy, not a room which includes the empty space. We manage thousands of files and storage boxes for businesses here in Garden City (in Nassau County, on Long Island).  Many of our current costumers have had multiple off-site storage rooms prior to choosing our document management solution.  Don’t get buried in your storage room, where you have to find the information you need.  By choosing National Archives, Inc. you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage space again.  Start saving valuable time and money by allowing us manage your documents for you. We do not publish a price list, so please call 516-794-0021 to set up a quick 15 minute appointment today!

”How much does it cost to retrieve files from storage, and how often can I retrieve files?”

We offer extremely fast file retrieval turn around time, and at a fraction of the cost. Other large archive facilities service multiple states, even countries! It’s hard for them to focus on you and charge less. National Archives pays particular attention to all businesses located on Long Island and into Manhattan; the majority of our client base. We allow you to retrieve files from our record center as often as you please. Our business hours are 8:30am – 5:00pm, and we do service weekends and after hours when necessary. Call, email, or fax your requests and we will have your order ready at our record center within an hour! If you need a piece of info from a file, or any specific documents from a file, don’t bother making a trip. Our staff is familiar with all types of docs. We will pull any information from the file(s) for you and send it via fax, email, or phone! We do not publish a public price list because we are very competitive with our service structure.  Please call and confirm a quick 15 minute appointment for pricing.