Data Backup & Recovery

At National Archives, Inc. we understand how critical your business data is. We offer affordable data storage and offsite tape backup storage solutions for storing computer backups for you. We are local owned and operated. Our media data storage facility is located in Garden City, NY.  If you are looking for tape storage on Long Island look no further. We store media including but not limited to DLT tapes, LTO tapes, Hard Disk Drives, Microfilm/Microfiche and Optical Disks (CD, DVD). We give you the peace of mind knowing your critical data is secure, yet accessible when you need it.

Add Value & Peace of Mind – Use National Archives Offsite Tape Vaulting Service

  • Establish consistent safeguards and protection of your data across all of your sites
  • Enhance compliance with a data backup and recovery program customized for your business needs
  • Convenience of tape pickup and delivery synchronized with your infrastructure
  • In the event of a disaster or data loss you’ll quickly recover your data
  • Know where your backup tapes are at all times
  • Documented chain of custody and inventory tracking
  • Reduce downtime and get your IT operations back up and running efficiently
  • Safe data retention and removal upon expiration of your data

Data Tape Rotation

Whether you require daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly tape backup rotations we will customize our pickup and delivery schedule to meet your backup tape rotation need.

Secure & Confidential

Our professionals are highly screened and specifically trained to handle your vital information and to transport data tapes offsite, and back to your location. Have peace of mind while using our off-site tape storage facility for your critical backups. It is essential to have a secure data tape backup storage plan in effect and National Archives offers highly protected storage areas for your tapes including Fire Proof Vault Storage!

Emergency Service

We understand that computer downtime can be devastating to your business. In the event of an emergency where data disaster recovery plan must be activated we can either provide you with immediate access to your backup tapes or fast tape delivery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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