National Archives, Inc. works with many healthcare organizations in the New York Metro area to help ensure compliance under HIPAA guidelines and to protect their patients’ rights on a daily basis.

The major thrusts of the HIPAA guidelines are:

– to improve the portability and continuity of health insurance
– to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in health insurance
– to improve access to long-term care services and coverage while simplifying the  administration of healthcare services.

For example, HIPAA guidelines require that all records be stored in a secure environment with limited access. For day-to-day records, a locked filing cabinet will satisfy HIPPA guidelines. However, space at most healthcare facilities is limited and is optimally used to help treat patients and not to create additional record storage space. National Archives, Inc. helps by removing patient records to a secure archive offsite and retrieving them on demand for its clients, reducing both overhead and time spent looking for records, and improving overall efficiency.

National Archives, Inc. employs strict security protocols to determine who has access to these medical records.  National Archives, Inc. will maintain an authorized list of personnel designated by key administrative staff within a healthcare organization.  Usernames and passwords can be assigned to each authorized person to grant access or retrieval of medical record information from our facility. (Form NAI-Auth).  Our robust record storage software maintains data integrity and consistency of your records.  An unlimited number of data fields provide a paper trail of information on each record sent offsite-  from who first sent the documents to storage, the date and time a document was accessed, or what type of activity was granted, to signatures, and much more, we will ensure a healthcare organizations document management program is protected.

HIPAA guidelines require healthcare organizations to back up and archive data and retain copies of electronic data offsite. National Archives, Inc.’s suite of services including offsite document storage, document imaging, and document shredding allow for each healthcare organization to comply with these HIPAA guidelines. Through secure media rotation programs (tape, HDD, disc media etc.), or electronic backup (imaging/scanning), to physical paper storage and data retention solutions our clients understand the value proposition:  National Archives, Inc.’s services are secure, efficient, and compliant.

For More information about HIPAA rules, please review these links below: