Dedicated Secure Areas for Storage, Scanning & Shredding

National Archives, Inc. Facility maintains secure areas throughout the facility dedicated specifically to storage, scanning, & shredding processes.


We offer traditional steel shelving storage space for containers, as well as alternate storage areas for Fire Resistant Vaults to store critical client documents; such as Last Will & Testament, or Tape and HDD Media. Unique 6‐digit numerical barcodes are assigned to your account per container or item(s) entering our record center. All containers are scanned into our database, creating a record of its entry into the system.   All containers stored at our facility are maintained on steel shelving and are above ground, at a height where flooding will not result in damages. We maintain only one facility, which is located in Garden City, NY.  We have never had any instances of fire damage, nor water intrusion due to flooding.

Scanning / Digital Data

All documentation that is scanned for web repository access via National Archives EDMS or SFTP is posted to one of our secure data storage servers on‐site. Our data storage servers utilize RAID 5 disk arrays to distribute data across several hard disks to ensure reliability for uninterrupted access.  Our client database and file backups are administered with password protection and 128‐bit SSL encryption with multiple layers of security built in for total protection.  Scheduled nightly incremental backups (Monday‐Thursday) and weekly full backups (Friday‐Sunday) are performed on all client databases, files, and server configurations.  Data integrity checking verifies complete copy critical data such as customer data and operating system configurations.  Critical data backups are written to removable HD drives and high capacity magnetic tapes stored both on‐site in fire resistant vaults and transferred offsite via SFTP to undisclosed locations.

Paper Shredding

Prior to any containers being shredded by our facility, our clients are required to provide an executed, notarized Record Storage Disposal Authorization form containing the barcode number of any container or item to be destroyed.   Without an executed signoff, we will NOT proceed with the destruction process.  Strict and confidential guidelines are applied to all shredding processes according to federal legal regulations and guidelines.   All shredding of material is performed in bulk by the ton and destroyed beyond practicable reconstruction according to federal mandates and privacy regulations.