Record Center Facility & Daily Operation

  • All employees must sign a confidentiality agreement before employment begins.
  • All non-employees entering the facility must be authorized for access via established Records Management Authorization Form (see Form-NAI-105-04)
  • All non-employees requesting access to materials, entering the facility for the first time, must provide photo identification.
  • All visitors to our facility are escorted by at least one (1) National Archives employee. They are not left unattended.
  • Secure area’s within the facility are devoted to storage, scanning, and document destruction processes. Unauthorized access to all area’s are prohibited.
  • Materials to be destroyed are always attended by a company employee or physically secured from unauthorized access prior to destruction.
  • There is an audible, monitored alarm system in place and utilized when the building is unoccupied.
  • Closed circuit video cameras monitor activity into and out of the building at all times.
  • All camera activity recorded is backed up daily. Up to 30 days of activity are stored across multiple 1TB Hard Disk Drives.

Material Access, Pickup, & Transportation

  • All boxes are secured and enclosed within vehicles prior to transportation to client.
  • All drivers must meet all state licensing requirements.
  • Drivers, assistants, and facility employees wear company uniforms.
  • Workorders are created daily for all activity, including delivery/pickups, and access by client to our facility for material(s).
  • All drivers are equipped with handheld Motorola MC9000 RS-Mobile Scanners (or similar) to validate all material for delivery & pickup.
  • Electronic and/or physical signatures are required to validate authorized client and certify receipt of all materials for access, delivery, and pick up.
  • All boxes and material is secured and enclosed for transportation to client.
  • All vehicles have applicable government inspections, registration, and insurance.
  • All vehicles have lockable/secured cabs.

Material / Document Destruction

  • Closed and consistent procedures for implementation of all shredding processes are in place to eliminate security breaches and assure privacy and confidential destruction of all materials.
  • Destruction of materials handled on per-request basis & pre-established document retention schedules only with authorized clients.
  • Written, confirmed, & notarized Record Disposal Authorization (see Form-NAI-105-09) must be completed prior to destruction of any client material.
  • Compliant with federal regulations and guidelines.
  • Shredding of all material is performed in bulk by the ton beyond practicable reconstruction.
  • Certificate of Destruction created upon destruction of client material and issued electronically via email or by mail.