Document Management & Workflow for your Business

National Archives Inc. has partnered with Digitech Systems‘ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products to provide businesses with the ability to scan, capture, manage, store and securely access any information, including electronic files, paper documents, images, print streams and even email.

  • ImageSilo®: conveniently store and access data online without capital costs
  • PaperVision® Enterprise: securely manage information to improve business efficiency
  • PaperVision® Capture: capture, integrate and distribute everything for less
  • PaperVision® Forms Magic: integrate, extract, classify documents, automatically.
  • PaperFlow™: scan and organize information for accessibility
  • PaperVision® Message Manager: store and index email messages for quick retrieval
  • PaperVision Enterprise® WorkFlow: automate document routing to streamline business processes
  • PaperVision Enterprise® Report Management: convert print streams into practical electronic reports
  • Suite Options: create a comprehensive solution and maximize business potential with our add-on software components

Document Imaging Services

Below is a brief summary of some of the types of documents we scan and process.

  • Forms & Receipts: We scan and OCR the data results, providing our customers with both a fully searchable PDF image copy of all the physical documents received and a completed database file of the results.
  • Accounting: We scan daily invoices, bank statements, cash receipts and more.
  • Legal Document Scanning: our offsite document imaging service commonly includes judgements, Last Will and Testament, Estate Planning, and your Closed/Open Case files.
  • Healthcare / Medical Records Scanning: Our document scanning service in New York includes securing and digitizing all types of Medical Documents across the Long Island Metropolitan area. Our scanning medical records procedures comply with HIPAA regulations and standards.
  • Financial Data: Invoices, Statements, Claims, Application Forms.
  • Misc Office Documents / Bulk Scanning Service: All types of general office documents, files and folders, just bring them by our document management facility and we’ll convert your documents to digital format for you.
How Much Will Document Scanning Services Cost? Document Imaging cost is inclusive of all of the functions related to converting your files:
  • Volume – The total number of pages, images, or documents that you need to have scanned.
  • Document Preparation Difficulty – How many staples, tears, clips, etc. are in your files determine the preparation difficulty, and ultimately have an impact on the price.
  • Document Indexing Criteria – What keywords are required to be manually entered to allow you to find your scanned document images?
  • Turnaround Time – How quickly do the scanning services need to be performed?
  • Delivery Method – How do you want to search and retrieve scanned documents?
  • Format – Our scanning software can convert your documents into a variety of formats. Commonly we scan to PDF or TIF at a minimum 300DPI resolution. We can also scan to higher resolution and other file types specific to your scanning requirements.
  • Electronic Document Management Systems – Beyond simply scanning paper to digital images we can store your electronic documents on the cloud. Our Electronic document management solutions can be tailored to the needs of your business to create simplified access and peace of mind that your documents are secure and available 24-7 from a web browser or FTP software.
Typically the cost of our document scanning services can range between $0.04 to $0.10 per image based on the above variables. Often we run free samples before running a project so we can give you an accurate quote, but generally if you provide answers to the above we will give you an accurate price per image. Call Us Today for a Free Document Imaging Price Quote/Estimate at 516-794-0021 or Contact Us

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