Do you have Old Aperture Cards? Convert them to Digital Images.

Many valuable collections of engineering drawings remain on aperture cards. The biggest problem is the equipment required to display and print the images has become obsolete and expensive to repair or replace. Aperture card systems played a significant role in storing and retrieving engineering drawings prior to technology boom in the 90’s. As technology rapidly advances in our present day many new devices and software have allowed for portability and incredibly fast search and retrieval. Not only can our equipment ensure trouble-free secure and confidential scanning of even the most sensitive cards but we can produce the highest quality output available in a variety of popular modern formats (.TIFF, .PDF, .BMP, .PSD + more). aperture_to_pdf

  • We produce high quality scans from any kind of aperture card.
  • Higher performance. We’ve completed jobs with in a few days.
  • Better scan results at first scan due to sophisticated image enhancement tools.
  • Storage of all Hollerith files for further processing (database enhancements, unlimited cloud storage & retrieval, FTP)
  • LED light source hardware guarantees optimal processing even of thermal aperture cards.

There are Many Advantages to Converting your Aperture Cards to Digital Format.

Portability: Information can now be retrieved, printed and distributed in seconds from the desktop, or web. Extended Use: High quality scanning, integrated grayscale imaging, and high productivity have opened a wide range of applications for the extended use of your valuable data. Free Up Storage: Office space consumed by equipment is eliminated. Cut Costs: Maintenance for repair and supplies for Aperture Card systems are eliminated. Backup: Your Digital Aperture Card images can be supported by your existing data backup procedures. To get more specific information on Aperture Card Conversion and other services please Contact Us today.

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