Safe. Secure. It’s always available. It’s the future.

Step 1: Detailed Analysis. At no charge we will give you a detailed analysis of your facility and help to create a customized Document Management System tailored to your specific needs.

Step 2: We Pick Up. We’ll pick up your records. Boxes are then stored in our state-of-the-art Storage Facility and organized for scanning production depending on your own personal needs. When we are through, we can return, shred or store your documents.

Step 3: Document Preparation. Files get organized for document scanning and are reviewed by Quality Control Managers. All document imaging process procedures are HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and Federal 5015 compliant.

Step 4: Scanning Process. Scan Operators scan at a rate of 25-100 images per minute. Quality Control Managers ensure each scan is accurate.

Step 5: Validation and Indexing. Our software program automatically finds record information and our operators verify that the software reads all information correctly so you can search and retrieve your documents.

Step 6: Protected Firewall Server. Your records are secure and stored via Cloud-based Vault so you can retrieve documents from our storage facility online. Delegated authorized users on your end may view, print, and email scanned documents through our portal. This allows for protected instant document retrieval, anywhere using the latest from a PC to a MAC, also compatible with various hand held PDA devices such as the IPAD or Tablet PC.

Step 7: Server Administration. We maintain your data, just like we do with your storage. Benefit from no capital expenditures for system implementation or hardware on your end. This means your IT infrastructure is spared the burden of data storage and maintenance, creating an instant ROI and more money to your bottom line.

Step 8: Cost-Effective and Time-Saving. We save can save the average client thousands of dollars per year, and save endless hours of searching for files. Realize immediate benefits using our Cloud Based document management software.

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