Electronic Document Management – Simplified.

National Archives introduces Vault-EDMS (Electronic Document Managment System). Vault-EDMS is a web-enabled ASP (application service provider) service that delivers fast, secure access to your electronic and/or paper documents. Using an architecture that is designed to harness the power of the internet National Archives EDMS delivers powerful search functionality that allow companies to securely store, retrieve and display the wide variety of content supporting everyday operations.

By leveraging the power of our EDMS, our client’s can use the web to extend transaction information to all appropriate players in their business, regardless of physical location. With this comes the enhanced ability to increase overall effectiveness of interactions with customers and vendors, significantly reducing costs. And these capabilities are essential for companies interested in cementing relationships across the enterprise and supply chain.

Simply put, National Archives EDMS solutions enable businesses to improve internal productivity and reduce the amount of time, resources and money required to address problem transactions and find information. As a result, companies can consistently deliver superior service to customers and suppliers at significantly reduced costs, gaining and maintaining advantage over their competition.

Intuitive. Secure. Highlighly Functional. Your Files, Web-Accessible, Protected & Stored.

Security: User password protected, encrypted (128-bit SSL), up to 10 layers of password security built-in.
Your images are stored and maintained at National Archives data center in Garden City, NY.
Data center is SAS 70 compliant
Comply by HIPAA Privacy Standards and Regulations

Structure: Facility on Diesel generator back-up
Multiple Servers, Continual Software Upgrades and Improvements
Microsoft SQL Servers
Multiple uninterruptible power sources, UPS back-ups

Functionality: Simple & Intuitive – User Friendly
Files available anytime, anywhere 24 Hrs Per Day, 7 Days Per Week!
Search, Download, Email, Comment, Upload
24 x 7 technical support
All you need is access to a web browser…it’s that easy!

Storage & Backup: Data storage servers utilize RAID 5 disk arrays that distribute data across several hard disks.
Veritas Backup Exec software to perform nightly incremental backups (Monday-Thursday) and weekly full backups (Friday-Sunday).
Offsite Backups on Cloud Service
Data Integrity Checking – Critical data (customer data and operating system configurations), as well as Microsoft SQL database backups verified and written to high capacity magnetic data tapes.
Critical data compiled at the scanning department is synchronized to a file server at datacenter co-location facility over a private data line to various hosting services backup services (Cloud).
Data tapes are rotated on an as needed basis determined by Network Administrators and stored in climate controlled, fire resistant secured vaults.

No Capital Investment: No hardware, software, or system maintenance

Additional Key Features: Barcode & Database indexing
OCR (optical character recognition) Indexing
ICR (intelligent character recognition aka. handwritten information) Indexing
Multiple Field Indexing
Form Processing
Back-up to CD/DVD output for Disaster Recovery

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